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The Red Note podcast profiled in Tierra de Todas

The Chiapas-based online news site Tierra de Todas has published a profile piece about the making of The Red Note podcast.

An English translation of Tierra de Todas's profile of the podcast is reproduced below.

Click on the following link to read the original article in Spanish: Tierra de Todas - "La Nota Roja".


The Red Note

by Tierra de Todas

Around 10 women are murdered every day in Mexico according to statistics published in early 2020 by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System. Despite efforts to demonstrate that the prosecution of justice is moving in a positive direction towards the eradication of violence against women, some actions such as the criminalization of femicide or the creation of specialized prosecutors have not stopped the increase in murders of women. That has generated massive feminist movements. During January and February 2020, a team made up of journalists and filmmakers from Mexico and the United States traveled to Ciudad Juárez to speak with families of victims of femicide, researchers, authorities, and academics to understand the origins of femicide in this place and how corruption , impunity, machismo and social problems have allowed these crimes to spread throughout Mexican territory. The podcast La Nota Roja -or The Red Note in its English version- was the result of this investigation. Presented by Lydia Cacho, the podcast explores the work of different social actors and in this story they share with us the scars of drug violence that still persist in the city, and stories of the lives of the families of the victims of femicide, who were permanently transformed by this situation. Both versions of the podcast are available: in Spanish at (, and in English at ( The podcast: Direction: Craig Whitney Executive Production: Jason Hoch and Lydia Cacho Production: Estefania Bonilla Hernández, Will Wallace, Laura Caufield Research and Interviews: Alicia Fernández


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