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About The Red Note Podcast

The podcasts The Red Note and La Nota Roja are a 10-episode podcast series that explore the 30-year history of the femicides in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Produced ​in collaboration with Imperative Entertainment, The Red Note and La Nota Roja were written and directed by Craig Whitney and lead produced by Estefania Bonilla Hernandez.

Podcast Chart Success

Since premiering in 2020, The Red Note and La Nota Roja have reached #1 on Apple's True Crime or Spotify's Society & Culture podcast charts in 13 countries, and the top 40 on Apple True Crime in 55 countries.

The global chart success of The Red Note and La Nota Roja podcasts created a built-in global audience for The Red Note movie that will help drive the film to worldwide streaming and box office success.

Awards & Recognition

In 2021, La Nota Roja was nominated for Best Spanish Podcast at the iHeart Podcast Awards.

The podcasts were also named one of 2020’s best podcasts by publications across the globe, including Mexico’s Le Chat Magazine, the German website Podcasts en Español, and the Paraguay newspaper La Nación.

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