When Gabriela Escobedo disappears from a Juárez factory, her family fears the worst. Frustrated by police indifference, Gabriela’s mother, Minerva, launches her own investigation, hoping to rescue her daughter. Wandering the city in her desperate search, Minerva struggles to hold her family together as uncertainty about Gabriela’s fate threatens to tear them apart.

Based on the true story of the disappeared women of Juárez, THE RED NOTE is an urgent, uplifting portrayal of one family’s resilience in the face of tragedy.

About the film

In telling the story of las desaparecidas, our goal is to avoid sensationalism and portray the families of the missing women not just as victims, but as human beings searching for answers to a situation they have no power to change and no voice to express.


At a time when relations with Mexico are strained by political realities this country, THE RED NOTE is a powerful symbol of how the US and Mexico can come together to tell our shared story and build bridges over the cultural walls that might divide us.


And at a time when the Me Too movement is shining a light on stories of sexual misconduct and the underrepresentation of women in Hollywood, this story, made in collaboration with many women filmmakers, which connects the culture of impunity to violence against women in Juarez, is one that needs to be told.