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When Gabriela Esposito goes missing from a factory in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, her family fears she may have become another in the thousands of women murdered or disappeared along the border.


Local authorities – paralyzed by the city’s bloodshed and corruption – are unable, or unwilling, to solve Gabriela’s disappearance.


With no other options, Gabriela’s mother Minerva sets out into the same streets that swallowed her daughter to uncover the truth behind her disappearance, trying to hold her family together as the world around them is torn apart.


Based on the true story of the femicide in Juárez and featuring some of Mexico’s most gifted and award-winning actors, The Red Note is an urgent and essential portrait of one family’s resilience in the face of tragedy.

This is a story that needs to be told.

About the story

Since 1993, hundreds of women have been murdered and thousands more disappeared along the border in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.


Many of the victims worked at U.S.-owned factories known as maquiladoras.


Experts and authorities in Mexico have offered numerous explanations for why the femicides in Juarez have continued for more than 30 years.


But in spite of these explanations, the murders and disappearances of the women of Juárez remain unsolved to this day.

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