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The Red Note podcast score by Michael Ramos, Charanga Cakewalk now available

The original soundtrack for The Red Note is now available to listen on all streaming music platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, and Apple Music.

The music for The Red Note podcast was composed by producer and musician Michael Ramos, who has toured with the likes of John Melencamp, Patty Griffin, BoDeans, The Rembrandts, Paul Simon, and Kris Kristoferson. In 2016, Michael won a Latin Grammy Award for his work with Lila Downs on her album, Ballas y Chocolate.

Michael's group Charanga Cakewalk plays “cumbia lounge” - a mix of Tejano, flamenco folklorica, merengue, salsa, garage rock, ska and reggaton. The group's albums include 2004's Loteria De La Cumbia Lounge, Chicano Zen (2006), and El Brown Recluse (2011).

Listen to the Original Podcast Soundtrack for The Red Note by clicking on this link and selecting the platform of your choice.


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