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The Red Note podcast episode 6, The Cotton Field Case, now available

The sixth episode of The Red Note podcast, entitled "The Cotton Field Case", is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major podcasting platforms.

You can listen to all six of the available episodes of the podcast in English through the following link, or in Spanish by clicking on this link.

Episode 6 of The Red Note looks at the story of eight victims whose remains were found abandoned in a cotton field in Juarez in 2001. The episode also explores the story of Lilia Alejandra Garcia, who was killed earlier that year, and the work by her mother, Norma Andrade, to her daughter's killers to justice.


Episode 6 Synopsis - The Cotton Field Case (listen to episode 6)

The discovery of eight womens’ bodies at a cotton field in central Juarez sends shockwaves through the city. Forensic examiner Oscar Maynez contends that the cotton field murders prove that an organized criminal network is behind the serial murders. Just days after the eight bodies are discovered, authorities arrest two bus drivers and charge them with the killings. When questions emerge about the drivers’ guilt, residents and activists allege that the government is trying to protect the real killers.


Sinopsis del Episodio 6 - El Caso de Campo Algodonero (eschucha el episodio 6)

Ocho cuerpos de mujeres son encontrados en un campo algodonero ubicado en la zona centro de Ciudad Juárez, hecho que conmociona a sus habitantes. El forense Óscar Maynez insiste que estos feminicidios son la prueba que quien perpetra estos crímenes, es una red criminal organizada. Justo días despues de éste repulsivo descubrimiento, las autoridades arrestan a dos conductores de ruta y los imputan con los feminicidios. Al cuestionar a los supuestos criminales, residentes y activistas alegan que con este arresto el gobierno intenta proteger a los verdaderos feminicidas.


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