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The Red Note named Apple Podcasts's Darkside show of the month

Apple Podcasts has named The Red Note podcast as its Darkside show of the month. The podcast will be featured on the Apple Podcasts app and website through the following month.

In the two years since it was first released, The Red Note and La Nota Roja podcasts have reached the top 40 on Apple's true crime charts in 42 countries, including #1 appearances in El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela, Lithuania, and Fiji.

In 2021, the Spanish version of the podcast, La Nota Roja, was nominated for Best Spanish Language Podcast at the iHeart Podcast Awards.

The Red Note podcast examines the 30 year history of the femicides in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and explores the impunity that have allowed these murders and disappearances to continue, and the heroism of the families of the victims that have never stopped seeking justice on behalf of their daughters.

The podcasts are available to listen and download on all podcast platforms, and can be found in English or in Spanish by clicking on the preceding links.


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