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The Pain That Cannot Forget, 10th and final episode of The Red Note podcast, now online

The final episode of The Red Note podcast, "The Pain That Cannot Forget", is now available in both English and Spanish on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever podcasts are available.

Listen and subscribe to all 10 episodes of the podcast in English through the following link, or in Spanish by clicking on this link.

The 10th episode of The Red Note podcast examines the story of the femicide in Juarez in the wake of the city's five year war between the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels. The episode looks at the lives of family members whose daughters were the victims of femicide, and their struggle to move forward with their lives and seek justice for their daughters in the wake of tragedy.


Episode 10 Synopsis (listen to episode 10)

25 years after the first serial murder in Juarez, local authorities have failed to bring their perpetrators of these crimes to justice. As the city emerges from years of unprecedented violence, the story of the femicides begins to recede from national and international headlines. But in Juarez, activists and the victims’ families continue undaunted in their quest for justice, even as they struggle with the grief of losing their daughters, wives, and mothers.


Sinopsis del Episodio 10 (eschucha el episodio 10)

Después de 25 años que ocurrieron los primeros feminicidios en serie en Ciudad Juárez, las autoridades locales han fallado en capturar y condenar a los verdaderos responsables de éstos crímenes. A medida que la ciudad intenta recuperarse de ésta violencia, la historia de los feminicidios parece no ser relevante actualmente en los titulares nacionales e internacionales; pero en Ciudad Juárez, las familias de las víctimas y activistas no descansarán hasta obtener justicia, aún sufriendo el duelo de la irreparable pérdida de sus hijas, esposas y madres. Learn more about your ad choices.


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