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The Cotton Field Case Part 2, episode 7 of The Red Note podcast, now available

The seventh episode of The Red Note podcast, "The Cotton Field Case Part 2", is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all major podcasting platforms.

Listen and subscribe to all seven available episodes of the podcast in English through the following link, or in Spanish by clicking on this link.

In episode 7 of The Red Note podcast, authorities in Juarez insist that the Cotton Field Case has been solved. Attempts to prove otherwise would lead to the resignation of Chihuahua's forensics chief, the murder of a lawyer for one of the cotton field suspects, the ouster of the FBI's El Paso bureau chief, and the wrongful convictions of two bus drivers accused of the murders.


Episode 7 Synopsis - The Cotton Field Case Part 2 (listen to episode 7)

Forensic examiner Oscar Maynez resigns after Juarez officials order him to plant evidence that would help implicate the two cotton field suspects. The FBI and Mexico’s federal government try to launch their own investigations of the serial murders along the border, but are rebuffed by Juarez officials. After the accused cotton field killers are convicted, doubts persist about their role in the murders, and the identity of the victims.


Sinopsis del Episodio 7 - El Caso de Campo Algodonero Parte 2 (eschucha el episodio 7)

El forense Óscar Maynez renuncia a su cargo luego que sus superiores le dieran la orden de plantar evidencia para implicar cómo culpables a los sospechosos arrestados por el crimen del Campo Algodonero. El Gobierno Federal mexicano y el FBI intentan iniciar sus propias investigaciones sobre los feminicidios en la frontera, pero la autoridad en Ciudad Juárez no colabora. Luego que los acusados por el caso Campo Algodonero son condenados, la duda persiste sobre su participación en los feminicidios y sobre la identidad de las víctimas.

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