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Latinitas 20 Questions With podcast discusses The Red Note's examination of the Juarez femicides

The Red Note podcast producer Estefania Bonilla Hernandez and writer/director Craig Whitney sat down last month with Elisa Garcia and Dana Garibaldi from Latinitas Magazine's 20 Questions With podcast to discuss the making of The Red Note and the podcast's exploration of the story of the femicides in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

To further Latinitas' mission as a strong voice for Latina and POC youth, the 20 Questions With podcast is hosted by young Latinas looking to gain experience in innovative and creative fields. Each episode features interviews with individuals who are inspiring today’s youth with their passion, motivation, and grit.

You can listen to parts 1 and 2 of Craig and Estefania's interview about The Red Note with Latinitas Magazine's 20 Questions With podcast through the links below.

A complete transcription of part 1 and part 2 of the interview are also available on Latinitas Magazine's website through the preceding links.

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