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Episode 5 of The Red Note podcast, The Usual Suspects, now available

Episode 5 of The Red Note podcast, The Usual Suspects, is now available in both English and Spanish on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you download your podcasts.

You can listen and subscribe to the podcast in English through this link, or in Spanish by clicking here.

The fifth episode of The Red Note covers the period between 1999 and 2001. Time and time again during this period, authorities in Juarez claimed to have solved the femicides. But a close look at the charges against the various suspects in the case show that investigators failed to bring the true perpetrators of these crimes to justice.


Episode 5 Synopsis - The Usual Suspects (listen to episode 5)

A 13-year-old maquiladora worker survives a brutal assault outside Juarez and identifies several bus drivers as her assailants. After local officials allege that the gang of drivers conspired with Sharif to commit the serial murders, Juarez residents begin to question Suly Ponce’s commitment to ending the femicides. Irene Blanco tries to speak out after Sharif is convicted of murder, but the powerful forces that control Juarez move quickly to silence her.


Sinopsis del Episodio 5 - Los Sospechosos de Siempre (eschucha el episodio 5)

Una trabajadora de la maquila de 13 años de edad sobrevive a un brutal abuso a las afueras de Ciudad Juárez e identifica a un grupo de conductores de bus como sus atacantes. Luego que las autoridades alegaran que la banda de conductores conspiraron en conjunto con Sharif para cometer los feminicidios, los residentes de Ciudad Juárez empezaron a cuestionar el compromiso de Suly Ponce para dar fin a esta oleada de crímenes. Irene Blanco trata de defender a Sharif luego que éste fuera condenado por asesinato, pero los distintos grupos de poder que controlaban la ciudad, la silenciaron.


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