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Episode 3 of The Red Note podcast, The Invisible Hand, now available

Episode 3 of The Red Note podcast, The Invisible Hand, is now available in English and Spanish on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you download your podcasts.

You can listen and subscribe in English on your favorite podcast platform by clicking on the following link, or in Spanish by clicking on this link.

The third episode of The Red Note podcast explores the period between 1995 and 1997, including the charges against the alleged "Juarez ripper", Abdel Latif Sharif Sharif efforts by his legal representative, Irene Blanco, to win his freedom, and the creation of the Chihuahua special task force to investigate the femicides.


Episode 3 Synopsis: The Invisible Hand (listen)

After Sharif is charged with dozens of serial murders in Juarez, a local politician, Irene Blanco, agrees to take over the Egyptian’s defense. The members of a local gang are arrested in the city’s red light district and accused of conspiring with “the Juarez Ripper” to commit the serial murders; but doubts still linger about Sharif’s involvement in the crimes. Chihuahua’s state attorney general announces the creation of a special task force to end the murder of women in Juarez.


Sinopsis del Episodio 3: La Mano Invisible (escucha)

Luego que a Shariff le presentan cargos por los feminicidios en serie, Irene Blanco, Directora de Relaciones Públicas del gobierno municipal de Ciudad Juárez, acepta tomar la defensa de éste caso. Los miembros de una banda delincuencial local son arrestados en la zona roja de la ciudad y son acusados de haberse coludido con “El Destripador de Juárez” para llevar a cabo los crímenes; pero el involucramiento de Sharif en los asesinatos es una duda persistente. El Fiscal general de Chihuahua anuncia la creación de una fuerza especial para terminar con los crímenes en contra de las mujeres en Ciudad Juárez.


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