Lydia Cacho talks with Latino USA about The Red Note podcast, exile from Mexico

Lydia Cacho, the host and executive producer of The Red Note and La Nota Roja podcasts, spoke with Latino USA's Maria Hinojosa this month to talk about her work on the project less than a year after she was exiled from Mexico following an attempt on her life stemming from her work as an investigative reporter.

Speaking about her work on The Red Note, Cacho said, "It was amazing, it was exciting. I thought, 'I have so much to bring to this project.' It was one of the jobs that I have enjoyed most in my life."

In the year since it was first released, The Red Note and La Nota Roja podcasts have reached the top 40 on Apple's true crime podcast charts in more than 40 countries. In 2020, the podcast was nominated for Best Spanish Podcast at the iHeart Podcast Awards.

Listen to Lydia Cacho's interview about The Red Note podcast with Latino USA.