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La Razon recommends The Red Note podcast

The Mexican daily newspaper La Razon recently included La Nota Roja, the Spanish version of The Red Note podcast, in its weekly recommendations of notable podcasts.

La Razon writes:

This week, La Razón recommends three podcasts that range from the analysis of contemporary issues about humanity and technology, to journalistic materials about femicides or events that occurred in Latin America.

La Nota Roja

"La Nota Roja" is an investigation narrated by the renowned journalist Lydia Cacho, in which the femicides in Ciudad Juárez are documented, a border city in which mothers and relatives of victims became the spearhead for the formation of search groups in the absence of response from the authorities. The podcast, through 10 chapters, takes a tour of the omissions at all levels of government and the struggle of mothers and families in the search for truth and justice. It is a way to understand the current requests of feminist groups and relatives of victims of femicide, as well as to know how as a result of the desperate cry of the mothers of Ciudad Juárez, for example, changes emerged such as the declaration of the gender alert and the codification of femicide. "La Nota Roja" can be heard in English or Spanish on Spotify.

You can read La Razon's recommendation of The Red Note podcast in its original Spanish on the newspaper's website.


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